Contributed by the Electronic and Photonic Packaging Division for publication in the JOURNAL OF ELECTRONIC PACKAGING. Manuscript received May 2003; final revision, January 2004. Associate Editor: W. King.

The compendium paper (Part 1: Models and Testing) presents details of the thermomechanical-digital image correction (TM-DIC) for testing of solders, test plan under variable temperature and strain rates for 63/37 Sn/Pb solder, and typical test results. This paper (Part 2: Calibration and Validation) presents determination of DSC parameters based on the test results, dependence of parameters on temperature and strain rates, and typical validation with respect to test data and predictions from finite element method with the DSC model for chip-substrate problem.

The DSC parameters (Table 1, Part 1) were determined by following the procedures presented in various publications 1,2,3,4,5.

It was found that some of the parameters were not significantly influenced...

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