This paper presents a theoretical method for constructing dimensionless interaction curves for members subjected to combined tension and bending loads that produce inelastic strains, as well as experimental results which verify the theory. Each interaction curve represents the total range of the ratios of axial load to bending moment which will cause inelastic strains to extend to a given depth in the member. Experimental interaction curves were obtained from eccentrically loaded tension members of rectangular cross sections made from three strain-hardening materials, namely, annealed rail steel and aluminum alloys 24S-T4 and 75S-T6. Good agreement was found between theory and experiment. In order to design a member subjected to combined axial and bending loads by use of the interaction curves, the deflection of the member must be estimated. Three orders of approximation for the deflection of eccentrically loaded tension members are presented. The problem of combined bending and axial compressive loads is discussed and research based on the methods of analysis developed in this investigation is suggested for solving for the buckling load of a member subjected to combined bending and axial compressive loads.

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