In an earlier paper (1) the authors developed an exact solution of the Reynolds equation for the slider bearing when the film thickness varied in an exponential manner. It was shown that this solution could be used as an approximate solution for the plane inclined slider, with good accuracy. Furthermore, the expressions for the pressure, total load, friction force, oil flow, and side leakage, and center of pressure were easily calculated from series which converged rapidly for all values of the parameter involved. It is the object of the present paper to develop a similar solution for the sector thrust bearing with side leakage for which no reasonably practical solution exists at the present time. For that reason recourse has been had in the past to analog solutions (2), numerical solutions (3), or approximations by means of analogous problems (4). In the numerical case any change in a dimension or parameter may necessitate a completely new solution, while in the others it is difficult to get good accuracy.

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