The low-pressure viscosity and heat-transfer parameters —thermal conductivity and Prandtl number—are tabulated for air, nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, steam, and helium. The values reported are based on recent critical correlations of the thermodynamic and transport properties of these gases at the National Bureau of Standards. The properties are tabulated for atmospheric pressure and extend from 100 K (180 R) to as high as 2000 K (3600 R) in some instances. The effect of pressure on the viscosity is presented in tabular form for oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, steam, carbon dioxide, and argon for pressures up to 100 atm in the experimental range of temperatures. The Prandtl numbers for air given in this work are compared with existing published and unpublished values which are in extensive use. Plots are included showing the scatter among the experimental data and deviations between them and the tabulated values. They present a very clear picture of the extent and concordance of the experimental data. A nomogram is included for obtaining fractional powers of the Prandtl number.

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