An investigation of the mode localization phenomenon associated with mistuning is presented for shrouded blade assemblies. The calculations are based on a generic finite element model, which permits modeling of arbitrary mistuning and both slipping and nonslipping shroud interfaces. The results presented indicate that interactions occur between mistuning and slip effects, with maximum mode localization occurring when the shrouds slip freely. Certain modes are found to be very sensitive to shroud slip, and in some cases completely change character when slip occurs. Mode localization is most pronounced in the predominantly bending modes, and varies considerably from mode to mode. As the ratio of interblade coupling strength to mistuning strength is increased, the effect of mistuning is observed to decrease significantly. This result has important implications for the flutter problem, since it suggests that the stabilization effect available from mistuning is significantly less for a shrouded rotor as compared to an unshrouded rotor.

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