An experimental investigation was conducted to study the ash particle rebound characteristics and the associated erosion behavior of superalloys and aluminide coatings subjected to gas-particle flows at elevated temperature. A three-component LDV system was used to measure the restitution parameters of 15 micron mean diameter coal-ash particles impacting some widely used superalloys and coatings at different angles. The presented results show the variation of the particle restitution ratios with the impingement angle for the coated and uncoated superalloys. The erosion behaviors of INCO-738, MAR 246 and X40 superalloys and protective coatings C, N, RT22 and RT22B also have been investigated experimentally at high temperature using a specially designed erosion tunnel. The erosion results show the effect of velocity, temperature and the impact angle on the erosion rate (weight loss per unit weight of particles). Based on the experimental results of the particle mass effect on both weight losses and erosion rates, the coating lives have been estimated for different particle concentrations.

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