The transfer number (B) assumes considerable importance in the evaporation and diffusion of fuels prior to their combustion. Quite often the transfer number is assumed to be a constant for a given fuel. These notes examine the feasibility of this assumption. New correlations have been derived for the specific heats of the liquid fuels and their latent heats, over a wide range of temperatures and pressures, as also the effects of pressure upon the boiling characteristics. New prediction techniques are also proposed for critical temperatures and pressures. Taking note of the above correlations, it becomes possible to assess the values of B for a wide range of combustor operating conditions for any given fuel. The significance of these variations upon the probable combustion behavior of the fuels is then commented upon. The results show that the assumption of a constant value for B could lead to a significant misinterpretation of combustion behavior due to operating conditions and/or the use of different fuels.

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