In the GE 7FDL single-cylinder research diesel engine, coal-water slurry (CWS) fuel combustion optimization studies were conducted using electronically controlled CWS and pilot accumulator injectors. The most important performance parameters of peak firing pressure, combustion efficiency (coal burnout), and specific fuel comsumption were evaluated in relationship to CWS and pilot injection timing, CWS injector hole size, shape, and number, CWS fuel injection spray angles and injection pressure. Heat release diagrams, as well as exhaust samples (gaseous and particulate), were analyzed for each case. Interesting effects of fuel spray impingement and CWS fuel “Delayed Ignition” were observed. With the engine operating at 2.0 MPa IMEP and 1050 rpm, it was able to obtain over 99.5 percent combustion efficiency while holding the cylinder firing pressure below 17 MPa and thermal efficiency equivalent to diesel fuel operation.

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