Ensemble-averaged and phase-locked flow patterns in various tip clearances of two axial compressor rotors were obtained by aperiodic multisampling technique with a hot wire in the clearance and with a high-response pressure sensor on the casing wall. A leakage flow region distinct from a throughflow region exists at every clearance. In the case of a small tip clearance, the leakage jet flow interacts violently with the throughflow near the leading edge, and a rolling-up leakage vortex decays downstream. As the clearance increases, a stronger leakage vortex comes into existence at a more downstream location, and a reverse flow due to the vortex grows noticeably. A scraping vortex is recognized at the pressure side near the trailing edge only for the small clearance. A horseshoe vortex appears in the upstream half of the through flow region for every tip clearance. The solidity does not affect the flow pattern substantially except for the interaction of the leakage vortex with the adjacent blade and wake.

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