A radial compressor stage has been investigated mainly experimentally for aerodynamic stage optimization. The rotor (πt = 3.9) consists of a profiled axial inducer and a conventionally designed radial impeller. Inducer and impeller can be locked at different circumferential positions relative to each other, thus forming a tandem wheel with adjustable geometry. Conventional and Laser-2-Focus system measurements for the tandem rotor and the stage were performed at different operating points to study the influence of the circumferential clearance geometry between inducer and impeller with respect to compressor characteristics and performance. Furthermore, three-dimensional Navier–Stokes calculations are being developed at design point condition to analyze the flow field. A small influence of the inducer adjustment on the rotor characteristics is observed. The maximum rotor efficiency of 93.5 percent varies in a range of less than 1 percent depending on the different inducer positions.

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